May 27, 2022

Best Exfoliators For Dry Skin

Best Exfoliators For Dry Skin

Every skincare routine should include a bomb exfoliant! Our skin cells start to get lazy as you get into your late twenties and early thirties and the turnover isn’t the usual 30 days. As babies, our skin cell turnover was even faster, which is why the skin of babies is so smooth (hence the phrase “smooth like a baby’s butt”). Regular exfoliation is the gateway to smooth, bright, clear skin. With hundreds of cleansers, serums, and moisturizers to choose from, I understand your reluctance to search for a facial exfoliant suitable for your skin type. But here's why you should find one and exfoliate at least one to two times a week.

Each month, your skin naturally sheds dead skin cells. While your cleanser aims to prevent clogged pores and keep the skin moisturized, it doesn't eliminate dead skin cells. Exfoliation penetrates the skin's surface without tearing or scratching the skin. When the layer builds up, it can lead to dry, flaky patches, uneven skin tone, and breakouts. 

What Benefits Does Exfoliation Offer?

According to the American Acadamy of Dermatology, exfoliation can improve the appearance of your skin while simultaneously improving the effectiveness of the skincare products you use. Long-term use can boost collagen production to retain that fresh, youthful glow! It'll also keep those fine lines and sagging at bay.

There are two methods of exfoliation that you can do at home: physical and chemical exfoliation. Physical exfoliation uses tools like cleansing brushes or scrubs to remove the dead skin. In contrast, chemical exfoliants dissolve dead skin cells with a specific acid grade.

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) - is water-soluble and includes things like glycolic acid, lactic acid, mandelic acid, and others. This acid brightens and smooths the texture of the skin. AHAs, like glycolic acid, can penetrate deeper into the skin and help remodel collagen, which improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) - is oil-soluble, meaning it dissolves dead skin cells and goes beneath the surface to get rid of oily buildups. Love this for blackheads and acne-prone skin, but many people can benefit from BHAs. Reap some of its anti-inflammatory benefits too!
  • Poly Hydroxy Acid (PHA) - is a very mild solution. It does not provide a deep exfoliation as BHA and AHA would, but it’s a great option for those with very sensitive skin. 

If you have sensitive, acne-prone, or ingrown-prone skin, you might opt for a chemical exfoliator with an AHA or PHA base instead of an abrasive tool. Exfoliants containing BHA are best for thicker and oily skin types. 

Avoid strong exfoliants and steer clear from physical cleansing scrubs if you have a melanated or darker skin tone and notice dark spots after acne breakouts. More aggressive forms of exfoliation can worsen your condition.

Favorite Exfoliating Products For The Summer

We break down some great exfoliants for your face below!

  1. First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads: FAB Facial Radiance Pads contain the right amount of Lactic and Glycolic Acids, making them safe and effective for daily use. Cucumber and Indian Gooseberry tone the skin, while Lemon Peel and Licorice Root prevent dull skin.
  2. Microdelivery Resurfacing Solution with 4% AHA's, Cica and Vitamin C: Microdelivery Resurfacing Solution with 4% AHAs, CICA and Vitamin C from Philosophy is a daily liquid exfoliator that instantly replenishes & resurfaces skin in one sweep. Packed with the ideal balance of 4% AHAs, responsibly sourced cica, vitamin c, niacinamide, peptides, and hyaluronic acid.
  3. Philosophy’s The Microdelivery Exfoliating Facial Wash: The Microdelivery Exfoliating Facial Wash with micro-exfoliating beads by Philosophy gently scrubs away impurities, leaving skin smoother, brighter and more even-toned.
  4. SkinBetter AlphaRet Exfoliating Peel Pads: Exfoliation, improvement in the appearance of skin smoothness, clarity, and lines and wrinkles. This exfoliant is only available through a physician.
  5. Glyderm Gentle Cleanser: GlyDerm Gentle Face Cleanser 0.2% is the perfect start to your skin care routine. This soap-free cream formula gently exfoliates skin with 0.2% glycolic acid, a sugarcane-based exfoliator that effectively dissolves dirt, oil and debris while stimulating collagen production. Gentle enough for even sensitive skin types, the mild cleanser also features lemon fruit extract to clarify skin and calm redness and irritation. With each use, this cleanser exfoliates to minimize the appearance of large pores and uneven skin texture.

Moisturizing is extremely important post-exfoliation, especially if you're suffering from dry skin this season—VidaDerma Lipid Replenishing Cream from Skintap pairs perfectly. The nourishing formula will replenish your skin, while ingredients like green tea polyphenols and apple stem cells calm the skin and promote firmness and elasticity.

Budget-Friendly Facial Moisturizers For Normal/Combination Skin

Budget-Friendly Facial Moisturizers For Dry Skin

Don't Forget To Give The Rest Of Your Body Some TLC!

Facial exfoliation is vital, but so is the rest of your body. This spring, don't forget to give your arms, legs - and even elbows some love when you need to.

Exfoliate when you can. Excess skin cells can be to blame for backne, red bumps, or eczema. As can long, hot showers. Level up on your exfoliation and moisture game! Try products infused with organic oats that calm the skin.

If you've dealt with unruly skin issues for an extended period or aren't seeing results, it's best to chat with a board-certified dermatologist. We'll come up with a plan with immediate results.