August 29, 2022

What Is The Glazed Donut Skin Trend?

What Is The Glazed Donut Skin Trend?

If you've been trying  to up your skin care game, you may have stumbled across Hailey Bieber's glazed donut skin craze. Aside from being the most delicious beauty trend of the season, it has encouraged many to aim for healthier, naturally radiant skin.

Glazed Skin From A Dermatologist’s Perspective

As a board-certified dermatologist, I'm here to tell you that glazed donut skin is worth the hype! The goal behind the trend exceeds having shiny, dewy skin. Bieber's campaign aims to celebrate your natural beauty. Instead of perfecting, the lacquer-like finish intends to enhance the skin’s healthy barrier and function. 

Guide To Glazed, Glowy Skin

You can achieve the glazed look by hydrating and sealing in moisture. After cleansing your face and while your skin is damp, I would apply a hydrating product with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, or snail mucin.

Start With A Serum 

Trust me, you'll want to ditch the highlight and makeup for some of my favorite feel-good serums, like Biopelle's Tensage Intensive Serum 40

I have long been a fan of Biopelle's Tensage Intensive Serum 40, a snail mucin supercharged with hydrating ingredients. It has growth factors to help repair any damage to the skin and help give it a clear, luminous appearance. 

I’m also a fan of Vichy Mineral 89, La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 Serum, Lancome’s Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate, and Philosophy Biome Balance Glow Serum.

Layer With A Moisturizer 

It’s all about the layering! When it comes to moisturizers, it's best to choose one that is rich in emollients, like squalane or ceramides. Use gentle, non-drying, barrier-repairing moisturizers for the best results. A few examples include:

For those with normal to dry skin, I would follow that with a more occlusive moisturizer – preferably something like AQUAPHOR. You can also apply face oils. 

Slugging, glass skin, and even glazing up for the season can cause pore-clogging in some patients. If acne-prone, skip the last step or use a facial oil, like pumpkin seed oil or straight squalane oil.

If you have extremely oily skin, that doesn't mean you should ditch the oil-blotting papers just yet! Instead, avoid heavy creams. After applying a hydrating serum, use lightweight products that can still seal in hydration, like a gel-based moisturizer or hydrating sheet mask. 

10/10 Would Recommend

The glazed donut skin trend isn't for everyone, and that's okay! I'm personally a fan and would suggest it for anyone who wants a super supple look. For best results for reflective skin, glaze two to three times a week before going to bed at night. Board-certified dermatologists are also a great resource if you haven't found the best products for your skin type.